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Engage your audience with a live event survey

Prep time

5 mins

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Results you'll see

Engaging your event's audience in the discussion on the stage will hold their attention, stimulate them and inspire them to tell their colleagues about your work

Why is it so important?

You've gone to a lot of effort to plan out an amazing event and you're really proud of the speakers, sessions and audience you've pulled together. There's only one problem: research says that the adult attention span is only 25 minutes maximum. How do you keep them engaged throughout the day?

A real time survey at your event can help maintain an audience member's attention by constantly bringing them back into the conversation and giving them something useful to do with the phone in their hands. Engaged audiences will enjoy your carefully planned event more, leave feeling that it was dynamic and tell their colleagues that they should attend the next event you hold.

Using doopoll you can:

  • Make it super easy for your audience to join your live survey – with doopoll there's no app to download!
  • Display real time results on a big screen designed for live event usage
  • Add questions as you go without needing participants to refresh their screens

How to make this work for you

  1. Create a simple survey to use at your event – doopoll's question editor will have you up and running with your completed survey in less than 2 minutes.

  2. Put the presenter view of your survey on the big screen at your event – this is designed to be highly legible and will show the results in real time as your audience votes

  3. Give your audience the instructions to join the survey – the presenter view has a 'Vote Link' slide on it that should mean you don't need to do anything more than show the slide. Remember that there's no app to download - just open a browser window.

  4. Add new questions in response to the conversation happening on the stage – audience members will be notified that there's a new question to answer and will be able to take part in real time.

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Expert advice

Supercharge your work with our expert tips

  • Give your moderator a tablet so that they can see the results of the survey without needing to turn around to look at the big screens

  • Consider using our simple QR Code Generator to generate a link to your event survey. Print off 'joining instructions' and place them on attendee seats so that they can scan your code easily.

  • Don't forget to keep reminding the audience that they should take part. Sometimes, they'll have missed your initial call to action and will need a reminder. A good way to do this is to have your moderator point out some of the results of the survey so far.