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Why is the Website evaluation survey important?

Asking your website visitors how easy, pleasant and quick they found your website you use is important for most organisations.

You can use this survey in any number of ways: email it to people who left an email address; have it pop up using a modal window or; use it as a template for live chat conversations.

Additionally, making this a part of any problem pages on your site (i.e. ones that have high bounce rates or low conversion rates) can help you understand where you could improve.

What questions are included in the website evaluation survey?

How easy was it to do what you needed on our website?

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are so important that they've spawned whole industries and product sets of their own. Regardless of how much you've already invested in improving these two areas, ask a quick question about how people feel you're doing with the website.

How long did it take you to do what you needed on our website?

Speed is important in a world where there's so much information. Did people get what they needed from you in a timely manner? This can make the difference between getting lots of new users/customers and losing them!

How would you rate our website for usability?
How would you rate our website for appearance?
How would you rate our website for content quality?

We've added in three simple slider questions here. These questions will get you basic metrics for managing usability, appearance and content quality.

If you find that any one of those changes significantly for the worse, it could be a great opportunity for changing things up.

Expert advice

Website evaluation survey and question tips

  • Embed this survey on your website using the 'Embed' options in the Share screen of your survey. You'll see response rates grow quickly.

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