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Why is the Volunteer onboarding survey important?

Your volunteers are one of your best resources. Not only are they available to commit time to your organisation but each one of them has a wide variety of skills and contacts who can support the work of your charity or non profit.

If you've got a training or onboarding programme that you run with new volunteers, you should be measuring the impact of that and getting a bit of feedback early doors from your volunteers.

Ultimately, it's important that they feel well supported to be effective. If they're not, how can you expect to make the most of their time, effort and networks.

Use this Volunteer Onboarding Survey template when your next volunteer joins.

What questions are included in the Volunteer Onboarding Survey template?

  • What is your overall impression of the volunteer training programme?
  • As a volunteer, was your induction satisfactory?
  • Thinking of your volunteer work, do you feel you can now carry out all your duties and tasks?
  • Would further training help you to better perform your volunteering duties and tasks?
  • How satisfied do you feel with your volunteering role at this organisation?
  • How likely are you to recommend volunteering at this organisation to a friend or colleague?
Expert advice

Volunteer onboarding survey and question tips

  • A really good way to use this would be to give the link to your survey to volunteers when they're in training seminars that you already run. We've found that the best performing trainers and workshops use feedback in the room as a way to ensure they're getting high engagement in surveys.

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