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Why is the Recruitment customer satisfaction survey important?

When you're working in a business that's as competitive as recruitment, you need to be sure that you're providing high quality service which creates satisfied customers and keeps them that way.

In order to do that, you'll need to manage the post-placement feedback process well. As well as understanding whether the person you placed in a role is happy, you'll want to ensure that you're also finding out how good a job you're doing with your customers.

Use this post-recruitment customer satisfaction survey template to start that work.

What questions are included in this template?

How satisfied were you with the recruitment process?

How likely are you to recruit with us again?

When thinking of your experience of {{Company}}, how important is each of the following?

How satisfied were you with the candidates that your recruiter provided?

How likely are you to recommend {{Company}} to a friend or colleague?

Expert advice

Recruitment customer satisfaction survey and question tips

  • You could integrate this with your CRM so that when a deal is marked as 'won' or the deal reaches a 'candidate placed' stage, you fire out an automated email with a link to your survey requesting feedback.

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