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Why is the Culture Barometer survey important?

From watching thousands of organisations create employee surveys and measure cultural health in their companies, we believe that there are really five key areas that people use to talk about cultural health in their organisations. These are: 

  1. Purpose – How much do staff feel their work is meaningful to the business?
  2. People – How valued do staff feel in the context of the company as a whole?
  3. Progression – How well are staff being prepared for their future work?
  4. Pleasure – How do staff feel about coming to work every day?
  5. Promotion – How likely would staff be to recommend the business as a good place to work?

We developed the culture barometer as a way to get an actionable picture of the health of culture within an organisation. We wrote extensively about how this was developed and how to apply it to your work in this blog post.

The central idea is that when all your team have answered these questions, you can pipe the responses into a scorecard and get 5 scores that indicate where you should direct your efforts to improve your company culture. You can see the score card in this post.

What questions are included in this template?

The scale for each of these questions is always Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree. We don’t allow for a neutral option because it gives people a chance to not contribute to the overall exercise. 


  • In the last month, I can think of a time when I applied our company vision to a decision
  • In the last month, I have on at least one occasion explained why doopoll exists in one or two sentences
  • In the last month, I have felt strongly that doopoll is where I belong professionally


  • In the last month, I have generally felt appreciated by others at doopoll
  • In the last month, I can think of at least one occasion when I have had an opportunity to contribute to the organisation
  • Over the last month, more often than not, I have generally felt good about coming to work


  • Over the last month, I have had chances to take on more responsibility or ownership of an area of the business
  • Over the last month, I have been directly challenged or encouraged to learn a new skill related to my work
  • Over the last month, I have been able to see how what I'm working on now benefits my career in the future


  • Over the last month, I have enjoyed being in the office or location where I work
  • Over the last month, I have felt that it is easy to switch off when I'm not in work
  • Over the last month, I've been able to balance my professional and personal interests to the extent that I would like to


  • Would you encourage someone you know to apply for a relevant job at doopoll?

Expert advice

Culture Barometer survey and question tips

  • When you get your scores out of the scorecard, focus on improving the lowest score first. This is the biggest opportunity to create positive change because it is felt either most widely or most severely by your team.

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