Create an online poll in under 2 minutes

Creating an online poll is easy. Share it with anyone you like. See results in under 2 minutes. Here's how to do it.

Creating an online poll is one of the fastest and best ways to find out what any group thinks about any topic.

You can choose a date or time to meet for your next event/meeting. You can decide what the best name is for your new product. Or you can finally find out the answer: is that dress gold or blue?!

From the whimsical to the deadly serious, online polls are powerful. And with doopoll they're also simple! You can start collecting answers in two minutes.

Here's how:

  1. Create a free account on doopoll – here's a link to our signup page
  2. Create a new poll from your dashboard – here's a link to the create poll page
  3. Add some quick questions – multiple choice questions work really well for that. We've got poll templates if you need them.
  4. When you've got your poll questions happy, send out your link to your audience. Here's a link to the share options from your most recent survey (N.B. this will only work if you've already done steps 1 and 2). Your respondents can vote on any device they have right in the browser. And you can choose to make it anonymous or collect email addresses.
  5. Poll results come in in real time on doopoll. So don't forget to watch the results screen for your poll. Here's a link to that too.

Bada-bing-bada-boom – you're an expert pollster and your command of online polls is impressive. And it took you under two minutes.

If you can't think of any questions to ask, you can use our free expert written templates. There's something for everyone including customer satisfaction, employee engagement, post event feedback and more.

Where should I share my poll?

There's a load of places you can share your poll.

  • Copy the link from your poll and paste it directly into a group chat on WhatsApp or attach it to a Snap on Snapchat.
  • Alternatively, post it in a Facebook group. doopoll is way better than Facebook polls because it allows you to add multiple questions. This works on LinkedIn, Twitter or anywhere else that you can post messages online.
  • One other thing we see lots of people do is send it directly by email to their customers or team mates. We have a built in tool for doing this. It's on your share screen.
  • For weird but fun reactions, get people to hold up a phone's camera to the QR code we generated for your poll. It will offer them to load the poll and you'll get answers in an instant.

Questions and answers about polls

You can create a poll on Facebook as long as you only need one question and you're OK with only posting it in one group.

Facebook polls are not currently available on your news feed – only on groups that you're a member of.

On the other hand, you can create a free doopoll account as outlined above ☝️ and then you can post it anywhere you please or as many places as you like.

But if you insist on doing a Facebook poll, here's the steps:

  1. Open a group that you're part of and have posting rights on.
  2. Write your question in the box that you'd normally use to post a message.
  3. Select 'Poll' as the update type
  4. Then enter a few options in the boxes below
  5. You can add pictures if you like

You can see the results as they come in directly on your status.

Probably not. Twitter polls are pretty much the same as Facebook polls: you can only ask them in one place and once they're online, you're pretty much stuck with any data you might gather. It's not like Twitter's going to let you ask multiple questions and download.

Also, a lot of people just choose an option on a Twitter poll so that they can see the results. That means you won't really know if you're getting closer to the information you want.

Instead, create a free doopoll account and use our poll creator to publish a free poll. Then share the link directly to that on Twitter (or anywhere else you prefer).

Slack polls are interesting. There's so many ways to do this. Here are the three most common:

  1. Use emoji reactions on a message to do this. Make the emoji be the options (i.e. :red light: = no, :green light: = yes – each time a person votes they'll increment the number and you'll see results live.
  2. Use any one of the million Slack specific voting apps that are in the Slack App Directory. Heads up: most of these are only available in Slack – so you can only ask people who are in your workspace.
  3. Follow the steps at the top of this article to create your free doopoll account and then post the link in Slack so that you can collect answers from your team, but also from anyone else who you want to send the link to.