Free survey templates

Free expert written survey templates for customers, employees, nonprofits, education, events and more

One of the toughest things about making a survey is knowing how to ask the questions that you really need to ask to find out the things you're looking to get.

Whether it's customer satisfaction you're wanting to measure, or maybe you're looking to make sure you're staying on top of employee engagement. Sure, you could spend ages thinking of questions for yourself. Or alternatively you could use one of our expert written survey templates.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

It sounds obvious but customers help businesses to grow. Ensuring that your customers are satisfied ought to be a key concern for you if you run any kind of business. Whether it's customer service scoring or ensuring that satisfaction levels are high among your customers, businesses who actively track and manage customer focused metrics outperform those who don't.

As well as the classic Net Promoter Score, we have survey templates for CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and CES (Customer Effort Score)

Use these survey templates to ensure that you're staying on top of how your customers feel and to ensure you can act early when they're not satisfied.

Charity and Nonprofit Surveys

Running a charity can be tough. You have to do a lot with the resources available to you. From fundraising, to getting the messaging right, or managing volunteers, the demands on your time, attention and money are numerous.

That's why it's important to leverage surveys to do jobs that you shouldn't be doing 1-to-1. There's no need for you to interview every volunteer to work out where they're best placed when you could be using a volunteer onboarding survey template.

Use these free survey templates designed for charity and nonprofit use to ensure that you get the important work you need to do done with the least effort:

Education Surveys

So much effort goes into making the course material and educational experience of any school, college or university work for students and teachers alike. But how much of that gets quantified and can be managed easily?

Getting data which supports how well the students feel supported or making sure that you're capturing valuable marketing information from graduates who have started careers isn't hard. But asking the questions can be. That's why we've got these expert written education survey templates which you can use:

  • Course feedback survey
  • Graduate feedback survey template
  • Career plans survey template
  • Student satisfaction survey template
  • Student mental wellbeing survey template

Employee Surveys

Employees are one of the best resources that any company has. They make the difference between a mediocre and an excellent business. Ensure that your employees are satisfied and supported with these expert written survey templates.

Event Planning Surveys

Event organisers spend a huge amount of time on planning their events. But what makes events work? Attendees/delegates!

What separates good from great in event planning is using attendee or delegate data to manage and improve their future events.

These survey templates cover off all that you'll need to get to grips with attendee requirements, workshop and training feedback, engaging attendees in debate and understanding how you did with a post-event feedback survey template.

How can I use these survey templates?

To use one of these prewritten survey templates, here's what you do:

  1. Using the list below or our survey template library, choose the survey you want to use and click the link

  2. When the survey page loads, you can either read more about the survey template, or you can click 'Create this template for free'

  3. If you haven't created an account on doopoll yet, you'll just need to answer one or two questions – it's free and you'll be up and running within two minutes.
  4. Once you're happy the survey fits your needs – share the link using the 'Share' screen on your survey

Market Research Surveys

Evaluating how a market will receive your product or service can save you heaps of anxiety when you're starting a business or expanding into a new area. So why wouldn't you spend a little bit of time surveying your potential customers or markets to get the data that will drive growth?

Every business will be different but here are some simple survey templates that you can use to build your next big business.

Recruitment Surveys

Recruiters love doopoll. We've got brilliant case studies of how recruiters use our innovative survey product to help engage candidates post recruitment, to ensure that they're getting good client satisfaction scores and more.

Here's a few templates specifically designed for recruiters who want to make the most of their customer relationships: