🔥 Livestream: How everyone wins by collaborating with competition with the Welsh rugby regions

Gone are the days when collaborating with competition is frowned upon. Here's how to embrace it

Gone are the days when collaborating with competition is frowned upon. And yet, there are so few high quality examples of why this works for organisations. 

Earlier in the year, we worked with the regional Rugby teams in Wales to help them engage fans during the lockdown period through the Ultimate XV campaign. 

Each day on social media, the regions asked followers and fans to choose their favourite player from each position on the field.

The results were incredible, with huge growth in engagement for every one of the regions. 

To help draw out the key lessons, we’ve lined up a livestream with Ben Mottram, Head of Content, Dragons Rugby; Tiffany Jones, Social Media and Communications Officer at Ospreys Rugby; Mike Brown, Head of Communications and Marketing at Cardiff Blues; and Rob Lloyd, Media and Communications Manager at Scarlets Rugby.

During this livestream, you'll learn how collaboration can help your organisation become more successful, engage your fans (whether you’re in sport or not) and build a valuable email list.

You'll also be able to submit your questions beforehand and during the livestream.

Join us live on Thursday 7 May at 13:30-14:00 (GMT) to learn how you can collaborate with others in your industry to produce powerful outcomes.

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