Announcing: doopoll Pulse

We're happy to announce that our promoted survey programme, doopoll Pulse, is now open for signups.

doopoll Pulse signup

Every day on doopoll, people from all walks of life are answering surveys on topics that they care about. We collect and process a huge amount of information that is really useful.

But until now, there hasn't been a way for organisations to speak directly to people that they want to hear from who aren't already part of their audience.

To help our customers and people who like responding to surveys communicate more effectively on topics they care about, we have created doopoll Pulse.

doopoll Pulse is our programme which lets selected organisations send targeted surveys to audiences who want to engage with them.

Today, having seen a great response from early respondents who have signed up to the programme, we're opening up sign up to the programme for everyone.

Why sign up?

As a respondent, you're often giving time and attention to companies and organisations who you care about.

But as well as the people you already engage with, there are other organisations would like to be able to send you surveys and find out what you think on a variety of topics.

In exchange for your participation, we will enter you into prize draws so that you can win great prizes just for answering short surveys.

If you're already interested in signing up, please complete the sign up here:

Want to reach a new audience?

If you are an organisation who wants to reach a targeted audience, drop us a line at