Why we’re excited about single device polls


Today we’re really happy to be able to show you single device polls. This means you can use doopoll in more places than ever.

Up until recently, we’ve been offering one vote per device. The reasons for doing that are simple: because we know that anonymity is important to people, we don’t ask for any information about who’s taking a poll.

Group of young people using tablet
Finished a consultation? Pass a tablet around and learn how you can improve!

That’s great, but sometimes, you need to get the poll to people without asking anything from them. And sometimes you might care less about the anonymity because you know that you’ll get a whole load of responses – anonymity comes from the mass of information.

Well, good news for you: now Enterprise customers of doopoll can accept more than one response per device.

That means you can:

  • Collect customer feedback on tablets as customers leave your premises
  • Go door to door conducting a poll
  • Gather honest opinions at a trade stand or at an exhibition
  • Get feedback from customers at the point of purchase
  • Loads more things – your imagination is endless (but we’re happy to help you brainstorm)

Coupled with that, we’ll be adding loads more benefits for users in the next few months that will help you to surface more information to facilitate better decision making.

Interested in finding out more about our enterprise accounts? Drop me a message: steve@doopoll.co