Our shiny new editor!


Creating polls just got easier! Last Monday we shipped a huge update we’ve been working on. It includes a few different features that we’ll share over the next few days, but today we’ll take a look at the centre piece. Our shiny new editor…

New doopoll editor

We want to make sure our editor is the same great experience on mobile as it is on desktop, and so we redesigned and rebuilt it from scratch, starting with small screens. You’ll now find it much easier to poll on the go, or make questions live quickly at your next event.

A feature that is often requested has made it into this update. The ability to let a respondent choose more than one option on a multiple choice question. So you can now ask ‘Select all of the items you’ve purchased’, or ‘Which team members are going unrecognised?’

Question Options

Did you know that the order your options are listed in can affect the results? Respondents can favour the top option without realising it. To overcome this, you can now choose to list the question options in a random order each time a respondent sees them which helps you get even better data.

You might have noticed that our question types have changed too. We’ve renamed them to make them clearer to new users of doopoll. Spectrum has become ‘Single Slider’ and Budget is now ‘Multi-Slider’. You also now pick your question type after you write your question, which means you’ll have a better idea of which type you’ll need.

Question types

We hope you love your new editor, and find it even easier to create polls that help you make better decisions. Got any comments? We’re always there behind the speech bubble in the app!