5 great polls that housing associations can use right now


If you’re in the housing associations world, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep your finger on the pulse of your tenants’ community.

More than that, you’re not only expected to provide quality housing and domestic help, but you’re also probably looking to provide all kinds of community building activities.

Asking your tenants what they think is a really important and a very good way to build a feeling of community spirit and to raise the ambitions of people who depend upon your association to help them.

Asking people improves your organisation

Research shows that people make great choices together. In fact, groups of amateurs have been shown to make better choices together than experts in a field are able to make alone.

Giving people a choice in a decision makes people feel as if they have a voice. That means that when you’re asking your tenants a question, they will begin to feel valued and more likely to take an active role in your community.

Can you imagine all of the impressive things that your tenants could achieve if they worked together to improve the community? If nothing else, that would relieve some of the pressure on you, right?

To that end, from education, to community participation, to the appliances in your houses themselves, we’ve come up with 5 ideas for polls that you can use with a single click.

Top tip: you can create the poll with a click if you’re logged in to doopoll. If you’re not, don’t worry, you’ll be asked to create a free account first. It’ll only take you a minute. 

Education provision poll

Maybe you’re already running a range of programmes and events that help your tenants to upskill or improve their knowledge. Maybe you’re not quite there yet.

Either way, being able to know what your tenants are looking for and then working out how to best deliver that would be a useful step. And if you’re already delivering something for them, there’s always room to improve and gauge the feeling towards the programmes.

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Engagement programme feedback

Just finished a community outreach programme? I bet you’re now wondering how effective that has been. And it would be great if, aside from all those (hopefully) wonderful stories that came straight from the people you connected with, you could get some hard numbers to feed back into the evaluation process.

This one’s for you!

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Which appliance do you need the most?

Not every contact that you have with your tenants will be about providing community value. Sometimes, it comes down to fridges and washing machines. Imagine being able to tell just how many people need which appliance without having to go door to door. If that seems appealing, step right this way.

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Community fund distribution

It’s the end of the year and you’ve found yourself (wonderfully, perhaps) with a spare pot of cash. As we already mentioned, it’s pretty great to be able to give some feeling of ownership of a community by asking the people making up that community what they want to do.

Our budget question type allows your respondents to assign importance to a range of options using a sliding scale. People love using the budget question to make choices about how money is spent or to show their priorities. We’ve almost literally seen faces light up as they use them.

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Housing provision evaluation

It’s probably not what you’re hoping to hear, but sometimes people aren’t happy. Hearing negative feedback might be just the thing though – there’s no point ignoring it if it’s there.

This evaluation of the quality of housing will help you gauge the feeling among tenants. You might be pleasantly surprised by the feedback.

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How do I get this out there?

Great question. We get asked this all the time.

The first thing to note is that every poll on doopoll has a web address of its own. To get that URL, you can click ‘View Poll’ and then copy the address from your web browser.

The second part of this question is how do you get it into the hands of your tenants?

With that doopoll URL copied from your web browser, you can send it out via one of the following:

  • Write a quick e-newsletter
  • Send it out via text message to your tenants
  • Use social media to ask for feedback

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