6 great poll ideas for this week

Poll Prompts

Many who already know the benefits of using a poll, find it difficult to think of ways they could ask people useful questions day to day.

It’s the same thing as starting a conversation with a stranger: how do you choose a subject when there are so many to tackle?

Well, here are six suggestions that you can use this week.

1. What should our big focus be?

It’s Monday morning. Thinking of all the things you’ve got to do this week is daunting. And so why not ask your team what you should be working on together?

After all, I think we can agree that groups of people do better than individuals working alone.

Run a poll asking where your team’s priorities are this week and then use the data to make an informed decision about how you can meet your goals as a group.

Top tip: using our budget question type will allow your team to allocate priorities across a range of options.

2. How could we engage better with community?

Community. It’s a big buzzword. But it’s not just fluff – there’s a significant amount of evidence which shows the importance of building a community around your brand or organisation.

Whether you’re just starting out or building a global business, there’s still room for you to be building your community up.

Today, you could ask yourself, ‘How exactly could we reach our community?’ This might be a poll that you send out via social media or to your e-mail list.

Some questions you might include are:

  • What social network do you use most?
  • Do you feel that you have an impact in how [your business/project] is run?
  • Which of the following would be most useful to you (List some ideas you have for services/products/campaigns)

Top tip: Put the feedback into action – people feel valued when they see that they have an impact on a business they love. 

3. Innovation health check poll

Organisations struggle with innovation. One of the main reasons is that it’s difficult for the people with decision making power to speak to everyone in the organisation.

But you could send out a poll to your entire staff. From the cleaners to the C-level executives, people will have a feeling about how good your organisation is at innovating.

Ask things like:

  • Do you have ideas for improving the business that you feel are undervalued?
  • Which are needs most improvement? (Options like: working environment; our products; our engagement efforts would be good.)
  • How could we use your ideas better?

Top tip: When asking a question like ‘how could we use your ideas better,’ only offer answers that you’re willing to and able to put into practice. 

4. Payback budget

Likelihood is that your organisation is thinking of giving some money to charity at some point in the next year. Most businesses do.

What better way could there be to make your staff, your customers and the general public to feel good about you than letting them decide exactly how to apportion your charitable giving?

Using a budget question, you can do just that. Just come up with a list of five or six charitable causes. Then let respondents know that you’ll give money to the charities in the proportion that they decide.

Top tip: our budget question will provide you with percentages for each cause – down to two decimal points. 

5. Friday lunch

Cool news. It’s Friday!

Dancing boy gif

Friday’s probably your employees’ favourite day because on Friday the team goes for lunch together. Right? If not, this is a great week to start.

Offer a single multiple choice question with a list of their favourite places to eat lunch.

Top tip: they’ll like you even more if you pick up the cheque.

Speaking of lunch, did you know that your brain makes decisions differently when you’re hungry? Check this out:

6. Customer satisfaction

This week, maybe you’re pretty happy about how you’ve done. Perhaps you’ve not had a good week. Either way, there’s no harm in sending a quick poll to people you’ve worked with or sold products/services to this week.

Ask them how you’ve done and let them know that you value their opinions and business. Here are some questions:

  • How happy were you with the service you received this past week? (Spectrum)
  • What’s one area we could improve in (Multiple Choice)
  • Would you recommend our service/product? (Yes/No)

Top tip: add an e-mail address in the closing message and ask people to contact you if they have very specific feedback. 

So that’s that! Six polls that you can use to improve staff morale, your business offering and the way your organisation works.

What a week you’ve got ahead. You’d better get busy. Fortunately, it’ll take you less than a minute to create each one of those polls.

Let me know how it goes