What would encourage you to be more innovative?

Poll Prompts

In post-War Japan, there was a problem of efficiency. And so lots of people began to think about how businesses, organisations and society itself could become better and move away from a recent dark history.

And Kaizen was born. Kai (to change) + Zen (good) is a strategy for surfacing positive change even from the lowest levels of a hierarchy. It was incredibly effective and is probably partly responsible in the economic miracle that they lived through as a nation in the second half of the 20th Century.

But Kaizen is just one approach to improving the quality of a culture. In offices everywhere, in social groups, in government, there are people considering how to let the best ideas come to the forefront.

What are some questions you can ask to begin this process?

We think that every problem should be approached by asking the people concerned. But more than that, doopoll is specialised for situations where people may be intimidated or worried by the prospect of what could happen if they speak honestly.

That’s why all our responses are anonymous.

With that in mind, here are some questions you could ask:

  • Do you feel that your opinion is valued in important decisions?
  • What would make you more likely to share your thoughts? (Multiple Choice)
  • Do you feel able to speak openly without repercussion?
  • How innovative is our business/group/community?
  • Are rewards an important factor for you when you’re sharing your ideas?

Those questions should give you a really nice starting point for a discussion with your staff or members.

What would you have asked?