February product updates


I’ve heard some people don’t like January. Not me. I love it. The new year is a blank book, and January is the first scrawl of what will be this year’s story.

This is the first monthly mailer from the doopoll product team; a brief run through of what we’ve added to doopoll in the last month, and a chance for you to influence our future development.

In January we released two major new features:

Bonjour and bore da

We want to create a product that is accessible to the widest range of people to allow more voices to be heard. So bienvenue and croeso: you can now use doopoll in Welsh and French! It is also possible to set a language for a poll so that your respondents view directions in the right language. We plan to support many more in the future, and will be sending out a poll soon to help us decide our next supported language.

Read more about languages in doopoll

Dolly the poll

Do you find that you need to recreate a poll each time you do the monthly employee happiness report? Well not any more! You can now duplicate a poll, give it a new name, and magically have all your questions cloned with no responses. Your original poll and all it’s responses are unaffected, leaving you to bask in the glory of your efficiency.

Find out more about duplicating polls

Now to the future. We would like to know what you need from our product, and understand how you’re using it. We’ve created a short poll that should take you under a minute to complete. As always, your answers are anonymous, so you can say what you really think!

Answer our poll

If you have an idea for a feature, or notice an issue, get in touch using the little speech bubble on the app. We’d love to talk to you.