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    1. Valuable information is often hidden from decision makers

    You are missing out on things that can help you improve your product or offering.

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    2. There are barriers to discovering it

    Fear of judgement, loud voices, not asking, not listening, and not reacting to what your crowd is saying.

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    3. doopoll helps you overcome these costly barriers

    We provide a simple, easy to use platform for you to ask questions to your group that enable honest, high quality feedback

Who has this problem

doopoll helps you to increase engagement and bring more people into the conversation

  • Customer Engagement

    Beyond simple to use and share. doopoll helped us ask the right questions, listen to the right people and create a game changing strategy for our business.

    Aimee Bateman - Careercake.com

    Aimee Bateman Founder – Careercake.com

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  • Event Engagement

    Over the last few years we've been paper based and doopoll has absolutely transformed our events.

    Caroline Challoner - Cazbah

    Caroline Challoner Director - Cazbah

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  • Audience Engagement

    We've used doopoll to increase engagement with our members and to find out what they're really thinking. It's been really valuable to us.

    Ben Cottam, Head of External Affairs, FSB Wales

    Ben Cottam Head of External Affairs, FSB Wales

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doopoll is free to use for individuals, small teams, and SMEs

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